Coronavirus: Eric Clapton tests positive for COVID-19

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Clapton has postponed some tour dates after testing positive for COVID-19.

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Two concerts, one in Zurich on May 17 and the other in Milan on May 18, have been postponed, according to a Facebook update posted on Monday.

The post also addressed Clapton’s positive COVID-19 test.

“Eric Clapton is unfortunately suffering from Covid having tested positive shortly after the second concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He has been told by his medical advisors that if he were to resume traveling and performing too soon, it could substantially delay his full recovery. Eric is also anxious to avoid passing on any infection to any of his band, crew, Promoters, their staff and of course the fans.”

The post appeared to be updated by Clapton’s representatives.

“It is very frustrating that having avoided Covid throughout lockdown and throughout the period when travel restrictions have been in place Eric should have succumbed to Covid at this point in time, but we very much hope he will be sufficiently recovered by the end of the week to be able to perform the remainder of the planned performances.”

Postponement of shows in Zurich and Milan Eric Clapton is unfortunately suffering from Covid having tested positive...

Posted by Eric Clapton on Monday, May 16, 2022

The 77-year-old musician has been a critic of COVID-19 vaccines and released anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown statements and songs in 2021.

Clapton said in May 2021 that he experienced a “severe” reaction to AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, NPR reported. He told Rolling Stone that he was afraid that he would “never play again.”