Coronavirus: Hundreds of scientists say virus is airborne, ask WHO to revise recommendations

Hundreds of scientists from more than 30 countries have evidence that shows the coronavirus can infect people through the air and are asking the World Health Organization to update its recommendations.

Researchers, including 239 scientists from 32 countries, plan to publish an open letter to the health organization in a scientific journal next week, The New York Times reported.

The health organization is unconvinced.

“Especially in the last couple of months, we have been stating several times that we consider airborne transmission as possible but certainly not supported by solid or even clear evidence,” Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, the health agency’s technical lead on infection control told The New York Times. “There is a strong debate on this.”

The agency said in its latest update June 29 that airborne transmission is possible, but only after medical procedures.

The health agency has said that the virus spreads from person to person through small droplets released when people cough, sneeze or speak.