Dangerous hand sanitizer list up to more than 150 products, FDA announces

The Food and Drug Administration has expanded its list of hand sanitizer products that it deems unsafe.

The list now has more than 150 products on it.

The hand sanitizers were labeled to contain ethanol or isopropyl alcohol but actually are contaminated with 1-propanol which is not permitted in products sold in the U.S.

The ingredient, 1-propanol, can be toxic and deadly if ingested.

To see the extensive list of hand sanitizers that should not be used, click here.

Not all of the items on the list have been deemed unsafe due to 1-propanol contamination. Some may have methanol contamination.

If you have a product that is on the list, the FDA said to stop using it immediately and dispose of it in a hazardous waste container if possible. Do not pour down the drain or flush it. Then call your local waste management center for steps to dispose of correctly.

Exposure could bring symptoms like confusion, decreased consciousness, slowed pulse and slowed breathing, the FDA said. There could also be an allergic reaction to the skin. If you have any of the effects, you should seek immediate care.

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