Dream job: Get paid $3,000 to sleep

For people looking for a dream job, a sleep science and review platform is willing to pay $3,000 for someone to be an official mattress tester.

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Sleepjunkie, which describes itself asa bunch of lifetime insomniacs who wanted something better than restless nights,” is looking for people to evaluate their mattresses.

The company said it wondered how the coronavirus pandemic was impacting the sleeping habits of Americans.

“This is why we were a little concerned when we took a look at our internal data and saw that search inquiries related to getting enough sleep have continued to rise over the last 12 months,” the company said on its website. “We also analyzed Google Search trends and found that searches in the U.S. related to getting enough sleep and for mattress advice reached a five-year high toward the end of 2020.”

The reviewer Sleepjunkie chooses will be sent three mattresses over a two-month period and will have to write an honest review, the company said.

In exchange, the reviewer will be paid $3,000 and will be allowed to keep one of the three mattresses -- up to a $1,500 value. The ideal reviewer will be a “self-starter, available to work immediately and independently, have clear writing skills, good evaluation skills and be exceptionally good at sleeping.”

The reviewer must also sleep alone during the trial to “ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep.”

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