Election 2022: Kari Lake loses lawsuit over defeat in Arizona governor’s race

An Arizona judge on Saturday rejected Kari Lake’s challenge of the Republican’s defeat in the state’s gubernatorial race to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson threw out Lake’s lawsuit, which accused Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state and governor-elect, of misconduct in her agency’s administration of the election, KNXV-TV reported.

Thompson ruled that the court did not find “clear and convincing evidence” of misconduct or that any alleged violations were committed by an election officer making or participating in a canvass, KPHO-TV reported. The judge added there was no evidence that the misconduct that Lake had alleged had affected the result of the election.

Thompson ruled that election workers tried their best and performed their role “with integrity,” according to The Arizona Republic.

“Not perfectly, as no system on this earth is perfect, but more than sufficient to comply with the law and conduct a valid election,” Thompson ruled.

The ruling also confirmed that Hobbs, who defeated Lake by 17,000 votes, will be the state’s next governor, according to the television station. She will be sworn into office on Jan. 2, according to The Associated Press.

Lake’s attorneys focused on problems with ballot printers at some polling places in Maricopa County, where more than 60% of Arizona’s voters reside, the AP reported. Defective printers produced ballots that were too light to be read by on-site tabulations and caused long lines on the day of the election.

Lake can appeal the case before Hobbs’ inauguration, the Republic reported.

After election results showed Lake had lost, she filed a 70-page complaint, alleging that the problems “could not have occurred without intentional misconduct” by county officials and Hobbs. Lake also contended that the alleged misconduct cost her a critical amount of votes, according to the newspaper.

Lake demanded either a new election or to be declared the winner of the governor’s race.

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