Family colors every brick on house to brighten neighborhood during coronavirus pandemic

For many, being stuck at home is no picnic. But one family in England is trying to be the bright spot of their neighborhood -- literally.

Fern Taylor and her kids and her partner grabbed some sidewalk chalk and started a rainbow project.

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But it’s not the same rainbow project that is popping up in many neighborhoods. They colored every single brick of their townhome, ITV reported.

Here’s the finished photo’s 🥰🌈

Posted by Fern Taylor on Saturday, April 4, 2020

They were just going to do just half of the house, but then Taylor’s partner Marco DeFazio grabbed a ladder and kept on coloring after the kids got bored -- all the way up to the roof, the Somerset County Gazette reported.

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By the time they were all done, 40 jumbo chalks were used over six hours, according to the newspaper.

Taylor said she got the idea from a Facebook post and used it to entertain her 4- and 2-year-old daughters, ITV reported.

The family isn’t alone in decorating their home with rainbows in unusual ways.

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Angelica Pollio painted the side of a vacant home she owns, turning it into a house-sized rainbow, Staten Island Live reported. It took her two nights to get it all done. He said the side of her home needed to be painted anyway so why not use the colorful color scheme, the news outlet reported.

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Once the empty home is remodeled, the outside color will be changed to more traditional paint.