FBI searches former Vice President Mike Pence’s home for classified documents

Updated 3:00 p.m. ET Feb. 10: According to the Associated Press, an additional document with classified markings was found in the search of Mike Pence’s Indiana home.

Original story: The FBI is conducting a search of former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home in the latest chapter in the search for classified documents at properties of current and former high-ranking federal officials.

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Pence is currently on West Coast visiting family, CNN reported.

The search was not unexpected. The New York Times reported that Pence’s team agreed to the search. Pence’s office in Washington, D.C., is also expected to be searched in the coming days, CNN reported.

On Jan. 18, Pence’s attorney, Greg Jacobs, notified the National Archives that a “small number of documents” that were marked classified were found at the Indianapolis home of the former vice president, Reuters and The Associated Press reported. Those documents were turned over to the FBI.

CNN reported that it is not known the level of classification of the documents or their subject matter.

Pence’s attorneys said they do not believe there are any additional classified documents at his home or office, CNN reported.

The search comes after Pence’s lawyers said that several documents with classified markings had been found at his home and had turned them over to officials. Pence’s attorneys said the papers were packed inadvertently and taken to the residence without Pence’s knowledge, the newspaper reported.

Similar papers were found at two locations connected to President Joe Biden — his Delaware home and his former Washington, D.C. think tank — related to his time as Vice President. They were also turned over to federal authorities.

A special prosecutor is investigating Biden over the discovery of documents, Reuters reported.

Last year, several documents with classified markings were found at the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump. Trump is also being investigated by the Justice Department over his handling of classified material that was found at Mar-a-Lago, The Wall Street Journal reported.

On Thursday, the Justice Department subpoenaed Pence as part of a special council’s investigation into Trump’s effort to remain in the Oval Office after his 2020 election loss and events that lead to the incidents of Jan. 6, the Times reported.

The timing of the search and subpoenas come as Pence considers launching a bid for the presidency, challenging Trump and other GOP candidates, the AP reported.

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