Florida woman accused of spraying roach killer in husband’s face, hiding cannabis in bra

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Florida woman is behind bars on domestic battery and drug charges after police said she sprayed roach killer in her husband's face.

According to WGFL-TV, an officer who was patrolling the streets early Sunday in Gainesville saw a man on the sidewalk. The man's eyes were irritated, and he appeared to have trouble breathing, police said. 

The man told the officer that his wife, later identified as Kissie Thomas, had sprayed Raid in his face while he slept, WGFL reported. He quickly fled the home, but because he was disoriented, he crashed through a screen door and fell onto some stairs, cutting his forehead, the man said.

When interviewed, Thomas, 39, claimed that her husband had become disoriented after getting drunk and taking medication. An officer found a can of bug spray on her car, but Thomas claimed she didn’t know how it had ended up there, WGFL reported.

Police arrested Thomas and discovered cannabis in her bra after she arrived at the jail, according to the news outlet. 

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