Fumble: Indiana football jersey misspelled as ‘Indinia’

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Well, this was embarrassing. Call it a uniform malfunction.

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When players from the Indiana University football team took the field against Iowa on Saturday, one of their road jerseys had the college’s name misspelled. Instead of “Indiana,” the name “Indinia” was emblazoned across the jersey of freshman running back David Holloman, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The Hoosiers have had uniform alterations before. The last time the school played, the Big Ten logo was missing from the players’ jerseys, the newspaper reported.

The school originally posted a photo on Twitter of Holloman running onto the field but quickly deleted the tweet after the spelling error was pointed out.

Predictably, the Twitter-verse had fun at the Hoosiers’ expense.

“You had one job,” one person tweeted.

“I should’ve took Indinia to cover the spread today,” another fan tweeted.

“The Hoosniers from Boomington, Indinia,” a third person tweeted.

Things were not going well for the football team on the field, either. At halftime, the Hoosiers trailed the Hawkeyes, 31-3 and eventually lost 34-3.