Kentucky man shares wealth after winning $500K on lottery scratch-off

A northern Kentucky man was thrilled to win $500,000 in a scratch-off game, so he decided to pay it forward to some of the employees at the store where he bought the winning ticket.

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According to the Kentucky Lottery, Daniel Reffitt, of Union, went to a Meijer supermarket in Florence on Aug. 27 and bought a $20 Precious Metals Titanium scratch-off ticket, WXIX-TV reported.

After scratching the winning numbers near the top of the ticket, Reffitt scratched off the first box, which revealed an “auto” symbol for the game’s top prize of $500,000, lottery officials said.

Reffitt said he looked around and saw some store employees nearby.

“I saw a few guys sitting down and gave them $100 each and told them, ‘Merry Christmas!’” Reffitt said in a statement.

It was unclear how many $100 bills Reffitt gave away.

However, he commemorated the moment by taking a selfie with the winning ticket and then called his wife, WLEX-TV reported.

She said “You’re the luckiest man in the world,” Reffitt said in a statement.

After taxes, Reffitt netted $357,500, according to the television station. He said he planned to pay some bills with his windfall.

Meijer will receive $5,000 for selling the winning ticket, lottery officials said.

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