Kyle Busch convicted of having gun in Mexico; sentenced to more than 3 years in prison

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was sentenced last week to 3½ years in prison and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine after Mexican authorities found a gun and ammunition in his possession, The Associated Press reported.

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Busch apologized for the incident this week, saying he mistakenly brought the gun with him on a family vacation to Mexico. Busch was arrested on Jan. 27.

“I apologize for my mistake and appreciate the respect shown by all parties as we resolved the matter. My family and I consider this issue closed,” Busch said in a social media post.

Busch was sentenced last week but according to the AP, the federal attorney general’s office said the judge decided to allow a conditional punishment and let Busch leave Mexico after he paid a bond. The office did not say how much he paid.

Busch, a two-time NASCAR champion, said he has “a valid concealed carry permit from my local authority and adhere to all handgun laws, but I made a mistake by forgetting it was in my bag.

“Discovery of the handgun led to my detainment while the situation was resolved. I was not aware of Mexican law and had no intention of bringing a handgun into Mexico,” Busch wrote. “When it was discovered, I fully cooperated with the authorities, accepted the penalties, and returned to North Carolina.

A NASCAR spokesperson said Tuesday Busch, who drove in an exhibition race on Sunday, is not facing any punishment from the organization, according to

“We do have a Member Conduct policy. With the information we received, we did not feel that this warranted any disciplinary action.”

A hearing will be scheduled in Mexico to set the details of Busch’s conditional punishment.

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