Man bitten on head by bear in his Pennsylvania garage

DANVILLE, Pa. — A man in Danville, Pennsylvania, is recovering after he encountered a bear in his garage last weekend that bit him on the head during an attack.

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On July 27, John Swartz, 60, and his wife Lori, 59, were watching TV in Danville, according to The Associated Press. Swartz went into his garage to check his hose to make sure it was shut off when he encountered a bear.

Swartz was reportedly thrown against the shelves in the garage and heard a growl that confirmed it was a bear, the AP reported. He tried to leave the garage but that was when the bear bit him on the head. He eventually made his way into the house.

“My head hurt and it knocked me against the wall, little did we know until we received the video as to what happened outside, I didn’t realize I fell over the bear and continued down the sidewalk holding my head and continued into the house to retrieve a washcloth. I knew I had injuries and I had blood coming down”, Swartz said, according to WOLF.

Swartz called 911 and once he made it into the house holding his head, the news outlet reported. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and got a tetanus shot in case the bear had any illnesses or diseases.

Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Adam Reed said Wednesday that Swartz sustained multiple cuts and puncture wounds on his legs and head, according to NBC News.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officers worked to set up a bear trap to try to capture the bear involved in the attack, WOLF reported. Officers put doughnuts into the trap to bait the bear. At the hospital, they got DNA from the man of the bear in order to help identify if the bear they catch was the one involved, the AP reported.