Man crashes SUV through police station while blaring Guns N’ Roses on radio

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, N.J. — A man who crashed his SUV into a New Jersey police station earlier this month while blaring Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” on his car stereo is finding himself pretty tied up in legal woes, authorities said.

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John Hargreaves, 34, of Belvidere, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and a weapons count in that crash and another one that took place minutes earlier in Liberty Township, The Associated Press reported. Hargreaves also faces counts of terrorism, aggravated assault and causing widespread injury or damage stemming from the police station crash.

The first crash occurred when Hargreaves drove into the garage door of a homeowner, who the suspect allegedly knew, police said. Prosecutors said, that Hargreaves, who intended to harass the homeowner, then drove to the police station because it was closest to his home, according to the AP.

Hargreaves’ SUV stopped in the department’s squad room and barely missed striking one officer, the news organization reported.

According to the video, Hargreaves put his hands in the air and appeared to be celebrating while playing the Guns N’ Roses song. He was then taken into custody and remained in jail as of late Friday, according to the AP.

Authorities have not revealed a possible motive for the crashes.

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