Man jumps into Bass Pro Shops fish tank in South Florida

SWEETWATER, Fla. — A man climbed the side of a Bass Pro Shops fish tank in South Florida, then jumped in before quickly running off, video shows.

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The man is seen climbing an artificial rock formation before performing a cannonball into the large fish tank at a store at the Dolphin Mall, WPLG reported.

The soaking wet man then jumps out and runs from the store before the video ends.

“We are deeply concerned about attempts to promote and sensationalize incidents of this nature. The ‘viewer’ who created the video was clearly an accomplice with an understanding it was going to happen,” Bass Pro Shops told WPLG. “Giving additional visibility to an illegal and dangerous activity like this is irresponsible, as it can spur copycat attempts that result in serious injury.”

This is not the first time someone has jumped into a Bass Pro Shops fish tank.

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In May 2020, Daniel Armendariz jumped into the fish tank at the Gulf Coast Town Center in Estero, Florida, investigators said. The store spent $3,000 decontaminating the tank and Armendariz was later charged with trespassing, a second-degree misdemeanor, WINK reported. The same fish tank was also the location of a 2011 prank by three high school students.

In June 2020, Kevin Wise was charged with simple criminal damage after jumping into and swimming across a Bass Pro Shops fish tank in Louisiana.

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The suspects in the latest incident could face charges.

“Our stores host more than 200 million visitors annually and provide a safe, fun experience for families who share our respect for wildlife,” the company said. “This incident is illegal, dangerous and highly discouraged. We work with law enforcement to investigate all individuals who personally attempt or are involved with such activities.”