Man punched nurse after he said wife received COVID-19 vaccine without his permission, police said

SHERBROOKE, Quebec — Police officers in Quebec are searching for a man they said punched a nurse after the medical worker gave his wife a COVID-19 vaccine that he did not consent to.

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A police spokesperson said the man confronted the female nurse at a pharmacy in Sherbrooke where she was assigned to dispense vaccines, Reuters reported.

“Our suspect went directly into the office and began to yell at the nurse,” spokesperson Martin Carrier told Reuters.

Carrier said the man was upset that his wife got the shot “without his authorization” and hit the nurse in the face, Reuters reported.

“He punched her right in the face multiple times so the nurse didn’t have the time to defend or explain herself ... and she fell to the ground and the suspect left running out of the drugstore,” Carrier told CNN.

Police do not know if the man opposes vaccines or if the wife actually got the shot at the location he went into.

Canada does not have a law that requires spousal permission to receive the vaccine, and it is not known if his wife had given consent, either, CNN reported.

Police do not have the man’s name or a photo or video of the incident, CNN reported. The man was described as 30 to 45 years old and is 6-feet tall with a medium build. He has short brown hair, thick eyebrows, two small ear piercings on each ear and what appeared to be a cross tattoo on his hand, CNN reported.

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