Must see: Did sailors spot UFO in 2019? Pentagon confirms footage came from Navy personnel

More video has been released showing what some may believe prove that the “truth is out there.”

Jeremy Corbell, who calls himself an investigative filmmaker, released a video that was taken on the USS Omaha in July 2019.

Multiple media outlets owned by Nexstar use the Mystery Wire news service and have shared the video clip online.

The Pentagon confirms the footage came from the Omaha.

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The video shows an unidentified object hovering above the Pacific Ocean and then plunging below the waves, the “Today” show reported.

Two images from the video had been released and confirmed last month that they had been recorded by Navy personnel.

The first word of the odd situation came last summer from the destroyer the USS Kidd. Then in March, ships’ logs confirmed the sightings off the coast of southern California in restricted water, the Nexstar stations reported.

They were first described as drones and UAVs, or what the military calls the objects.

Mystery Wire had previously shared an encounter documented in March 2019 of a F/A 18 jet coming across three stationary drones.

Former Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves said his squadron started seeing unidentified objects near Virginia Beach in 2014 when their jet’s radar was updated, CBS News reported. Another was seen in 2015 in restricted airspace near Jacksonville, Florida.

Graves told “60 Minutes” that the events were more common than you’d think.

“Every day. Every day for at least a couple of years,” Graves said during the “60 Minutes” interview, adding that the objects had no exhaust plume.

But Graves has a more earthly theory, that the objects are probably a “threat observation program” that could possibly come from Russia or China, “60 Minutes” reported.

A military task force is reviewing the footage and is scheduled to brief Congress next month, “Today” reported.

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