Orphaned coyote pup discovered sneaking into California dog kennel

A coyote pup that lost its family decided to find some company and squeezed into a kennel with dogs, wildlife officials said.

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According to a Facebook post by Tri County Wildlife Care of Jackson, California, the small coyote tried to bond with “a kind resident’s dogs.”

Wildlife officials said that the homeowner “did everything right” when the pup entered the kennel, The Sacramento Bee reported. Instead of shooting, trapping or poisoning the young animal, the resident called Tri County Wildlife Care, according to the newspaper.

Allison Pillsbury of Acorn Hills Animal Center, a veterinarian with 30 years of experience, examined the coyote, Tri County Wildlife Care wrote. She also vaccinated the animal and dewormed it, while also treating it for fleas and ticks.

The dogs did not seem to mind their wayward guest, The Bee reported.

“They seemed to stay away,” officials said. “He was thin, hungry, tired and looking for a safe place.”

Officials said the pup will be placed at another rescue area with other young coyotes “to grow up wild and free.”

“Coyotes are beneficial predators and we can coexist with them,” Tri County Wildlife Care wrote. “Thanks to the kindness of this dog owner, this pup is getting a second chance at life.”

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