Recall alert: Ford recalls 30K Mustangs; steering wheel can turn unintentionally

Ford Mustang

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the recall of 30,735 Mustangs.

The recall is due to an issue with the steering wheel that can make it turn unintentionally, the NHTSA said.

The secondary steering torque sensor may not be calibrated correctly in some 2022 and 2023 Ford Mustangs. The calibration can make the wheel turn side to side without the driver making it move that way.

Dealers will update the power steering control module software for free. Owners will receive letters in the mail after Aug. 5 alerting them to their car’s defect.

The NHTSA said the cars with the issue were not produced in order of vehicle identification number order, so you can call Ford directly at 866-436-7332 to see if your car is impacted. The internal number for the recall is 24S44.

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