Scrabble adds 500 new words to game dictionary

Wordsmiths rejoice — Scrabble has added hundreds of new words to the classic game.

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The seventh edition of “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” was released earlier this month with more than 100,000 words that span from short two-letter words to ones with eight letters, The Associated Press reported.

The additions had already been made to the traditional Merriam-Webster dictionary since 2018, The Washington Post reported. Scrabble and Merriam-Webster have a partnership to compile the official game dictionary.

Some of the new entries include:

  • Dumpster
  • Guac
  • Atted/atting
  • Adulted
  • Verbed/verbing
  • Babymoon
  • Deadname
  • Pageview
  • Yeehaw
  • Bae
  • Inspo
  • Vibed/vibing
  • Zoodle
  • Horchata
  • Kabocha
  • Zoomer
  • Jedi
  • Folx

The book also removed more than 200 racial, ethnic and other offensive words. However, not everyone agrees that the edit was needed, saying that they should still be playable no matter how bad they are, the AP reported.

One player is excited about the change, telling the Post, “There’s so many more opportunities to play a little differently because of these new words.”

Robin Robin Pollock Daniel, 60, an expert player who has frequently been the highest-ranked female player in North America added, “It makes Scrabble one of the most exciting games that there are out there because it’s dynamic and constantly changing.”

The last time “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” was updated was in 2018, the AP reported.

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