Solar eclipse 2024: Social media has fun with sky show


While many people are taking the solar eclipse seriously, others are being a bit more tongue-in-cheek with their social media posts.

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NASA’s official account for the Earth’s moon shared a playful message as parts of the U.S. began to see totality.

Orlando International Airport, which frequently shows its snarky side, highlighted a Walt Disney World fan-favorite, one may call him a “star” who has an appropriate name — Sonny Eclipse — hovering near the airport’s control tower.

Police in West Seneca, New York, “simulated” the eclipse with a couple of doughnuts.

Oreo did something similar.

While Oreo fans shared an image of the phases of the eclipse as shown with the cookies.

Rockers Iron Maiden are putting their own mark on the eclipse.

As people gather to watch the eclipse, TCG “Magic: The Gathering” shared a quick tip:

Merriam-Webster had to share the definition of eclipse.

While Washington State Department of Natural Resources was a bit too realistic about missing out on sunshine.

If anyone is using Duolingo to learn a language, the company is sending out more “minions.”

Finally don’t forget today’s Google Doodle, which brings an eclipse right to your computer. Go to and type solar eclipse in the search.

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