Trash talking: Florida man captures alligator with bin

MOUNT DORA, Fla. — In Florida, capturing an alligator is apparently as easy as taking out the trash.

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But honestly, don’t try this at home. Alligators are fast, testy and unpredictable. An Army veteran in Central Florida, however, was able to use a trash bin to corral the gator, who had wandered onto his yard in Mount Dora.

Eugene Bozzi, originally from north Philadelphia who has also been reported as Eugene Bozzi, posted the video on norfphilly_geno, his Instagram page.

“Somebody let me know when the head goes inside,” Bozzi says Tuesday to a group of people watching as they laughed nervously.

As Bozzi approaches the alligator with the 95-gallon, rollable trash bin, the reptile stands its ground at first. It then begins to hiss at the bin, perhaps hoping to intimidate its plastic enemy.

Then, Bozzi swings the lid of the bin, which hits the alligator on the head and sends it into attack mode. Bozzi then shoves the bin forward and the gator thrashes inside the bin as the man tips the receptacle into an upright position.

Needless to say, the people watching the incident broke into applause, SBNation reported. In a full video of the incident, Bozzi, who was dressed in white socks and sandals, then wheels the bin away to a nearby lake, where the alligators splashes into the water and swims away.

Bozzi even posted a GoFundMe page, with the headline, “Help us, Help You! North Philly Gator Catcher.”