US largest skyscraper planned for Oklahoma City

Legends Tower

OKLAHOMA CITY — The country’s largest skyscraper is being planned and it’s not going to be in New York, Chicago or even Los Angeles.

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Instead, Oklahoma City will be the home of the Boardwalk at Bricktown, which will tower over the city’s tallest building the Devon Tower, KOKO reported.

The Devon Tower is 844 feet tall. The Legends Tower at the Boardwalk at Bricktown will be 1,907, more than twice the height. The area will be home to four buildings, including the Legends, and three others that will be 345 feet tall, People magazine reported.

The height honors the year that Oklahoma became the 46th state, developers AO said in a news release.

The district will have 1,776 apartments, two hotels, stores and restaurants. The Legend will also have a restaurant, bar and observation deck, Business Insider reported.

The company is also requesting a variance to the current zoning restrictions to allow it to get to that height.

If built, it won’t just be the tallest structure in the city, or the state of Oklahoma, it will also be the tallest tower in the country and the one of tallest buildings in the world.

The current tallest building in the U.S. is One World Trade Center in New York City and measures 1,776 feet tall, People magazine reported. The tallest building in the world is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which is 2,716 feet, 6 inches tall, according to Guinness World Records.

The building is still just a dream as construction has not yet begun. The developer said that if there isn’t the demand to fill it, the plans can be changed and the building shortened since construction won’t start for a year or more, KOKO reported.