Video captures child crashing into sloth on zip line

LA FORTUNA, Costa Rica — A child ziplining in Costa Rica got a wild surprise when he crashed into a sloth that was hanging from the cable.

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Go Adventure Park, the tour company the child was on, posted a video of the interaction on Instagram. In the video, you can see the child hit the animal, turn around and say, “I just clocked it straight in the face. What do I do about the sloth?” The caption on the post is in Spanish and translates to mean, “We were surprised by a sloth on one of the Canopy tours yesterday.”

Flavio Ramos, who owns Go Adventure Park in La Fortuna, told WPVI the child was the last in the tour group to get on the zip line. “So seven people went on that cable and there was no sloth on it, and, within 30 seconds, a sloth got on the cable,” Ramos told WPVI.

Neither the child nor the sloth was hurt.

Ramos told WTVT that the child and guide were eventually able to continue on their way, after waiting about 15 minutes for the sloth to move.