Video shows 18-wheeler falling off Texas overpass

PASADENA, Texas — Video taken from a camera mounted on a driver’s dashboard shows the terrifying moments when a truck went flying off an overpass on a Texas highway.

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The video, taken by Prisco Saldivar, was shared on Facebook and shows the moment the truck topples over the side of the road. Looking closely, it is possible to see what appears to be the truck’s driver on the side of the road, having made it out of the vehicle before it fell.

“It looked like a movie. I was in shock,” Saldivar told KRIV.

Police told KTRK that there were two 18-wheelers involved in the crash, with one falling onto a service road below the overpass.

“While I was driving, I noticed there was an 18-wheeler parked on the freeway. Then all of a sudden, I saw the other tractor trailer started spinning,” Saldivar told KRIV. “It literally tilted up, and the driver flew out the window on the road.”

Nobody was seriously hurt, KPRC reported.

A second viewer shared additional video with KTRK that shows the truck lying on its side on the service road.

Police told KRIV that the truck that fell was carrying waste material.