Video shows five teenage girls riding in golf cart on busy multilane highway outside Washington, D.C.

BOWIE, Md. — 5 teenage girls who were caught on video riding a golf cart down U.S. Route 50 Saturday have been charged with stealing the golf cart from an apartment complex in Bowie, Maryland.

The incident was captured on video by Gregory Green over the weekend when he encountered the girls driving in the right lane of U.S. Route 50 outside Bowie.

Green tried to get the girls to pull over, telling them it was dangerous.

According to WUSA, when Green asked the girls to pull over, they asked if he would give them a ride instead.

“Yes, I’ll give you a ride, because y’all need to pull over,” Green said in the video.

According to reports, the girls said they had missed a Lyft ride from Bowie to Washington, D.C. and that’s why they took the golf cart onto the busy highway. It’s not clear whether the girls planned to make the 15-mile journey in the cart.

The girls, who are 15 to 16 years old, were taken into custody and Bowie Police Chief John Nesky indicated that they were charged with a felony.

“Even beyond the felony theft of a motor vehicle, there was certainly some poor decision making at play. It is extremely dangerous and reckless to operate a golf cart on a road, let alone a highway such as Route 50. The cart Is moving at such a lower speed that other drivers approaching it at the speed limit would not be able to see it in time to brake or avoid a collision,” Nesky said in a statement to WUSA.

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