WATCH: Man nearly hit by giant runaway saw blade, says ‘I need a beer’

In a video that has since gone viral, the saw blade is seen flying across the parking lot and embedding in a door.

An Oregon man narrowly escaped being hit when a metal blade from a concrete saw came loose at a nearby construction site.

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Cameras from a QuickTrip Neighborhood Market in Eugene, Oregon, showed Shane Reimche walking into the store before the saw blade came barreling across the parking lot, slamming into the store just inches from the door.

“I was walking into the store here, I put my hand on the door and I heard a loud bang and yelling,” Reimche said. “Just as a cloud of smoke pops up and I see a guy fall in the ditch. And a four-foot blade hurtling at me.”

“Last minute I was able to duck behind the counter,” he added.

Reimche told KEZI, a local TV station, that his children saw the incident on social media.

“They saw it on Facebook so they all came to my house and hugged me and had lots of cries” Reimche said. “Obviously it wasn’t my time but probably closest I’ve ever experienced. "

“I don’t think I would’ve survived being touched by that thing,” he added. “I need a beer. I’m still shaken. It’s 9 o’clock. I’m not going to work today.”

No injuries were reported in the incident.