Woman wins lottery for second time right after claiming her first prize

BALTIMORE — A woman in Baltimore County, Maryland, won the lottery not just once but twice. The second time right after she went to claim her first prize.

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Victoria Sadler, 59, won the lottery for $25,000 and went to claim her prize at the lottery headquarters, according to CNN. When she was done, she walked across the street and played again, winning $50,000.

After Sadler claimed her second-chance prize at the Maryland Lottery headquarters, she decided to try her luck in the Pick 5 game, the lottery said. the Pick 5 game was her favorite game, according to CNN.

She went across the street to a gas station to play and placed a $1 straight bet for the Aug. 10 midday and evening drawings. Sadler played her grandson’s birthday because it ended up being lucky for her last year, the lottery said.

“When I realized I won, my jaw was on the floor! I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it,” Sadler said, according to Maryland Lottery.

According to the lottery, Sadler said she was going to save and invest part of her winnings but also said she had planned to take her family to Walt Disney World.

The gas station where Sadler won, Royal Farms #159, also won a $500 bonus due to Sadler’s win.

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