Undercover Raid Targets Local Barber Shops

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An ongoing joint operation between the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation focuses on illegal activity at local barber shops.

At least ten people were arrested at an Orange County barber shop early Saturday night for being unlicensed, said Jeff Williamson, a sheriff's office spokesman.

Dozens of deputies raided Barber Kings on Pine Hills Road, near Silver Star Road, and arrested the unlicensed barbers.

An undercover agent on scene told WFTV the raid was part of a sting to crack down on area barber shops that sell illegal drugs.

Williamson said deputies never found drugs or weapons at Barber Kings.

The unlicensed barbers were cuffed with plastic ties and hauled off to jail.

"You got hungry kids out there who got nothing and they wasting money on sending 50 police officers in here as something as petty as this," said Adolph Jones, whose brother was arrested.

One woman told WFTV she was a pastor who cut hair on the side. As she was put into a sheriff's office van, she cried and said she had never been arrested.

"They ain't confiscate no drugs. Maybe money. Because money's being made in here. As far as drugs, and all the guns in this place, that's bull," said Jones.

The sheriff's office has been in the midst of the sting for a few days. Williamson said they have seized both drugs and weapons in other barber shop raids during the operation.

In all, 20 arrests related to the sting were made throughout Orange County on Saturday, an official said.