Woman Sentenced To Death For Killing Housekeeper

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla.,None — A Brevard County woman became the third woman on death row on Thursday. Margaret Allen was convicted of torturing and killing her housekeeper, Wenda Wright, when she thought she stole money from her purse.

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Allen didn't react when she was sentenced to death. She has to be processed out of the Brevard County jail to the state correctional system, where she will wait out her appeals until her execution day comes.

"For this crime, the court sentences you to be put to death in the manner prescribed by law," the judge ordered Thursday.

With those words, Allen's fate was decided. The 45-year-old Titusville woman will pay with her life for the death of her housekeeper.

Allen was arrested in March 2005 and convicted last fall of kidnapping, torturing and murdering Wright when Allen couldn't find her purse and thought Wright had stolen it.

Prosecutors said the torture went on for hours before Wright was strangled with a belt. Allen's roommate, James Martin, and nephew, Quinton Allen, are both serving time for helping her try to bury the body in a shallow grave.

A jury voted unanimously to recommend the death penalty for her. Wright's husband, Johnny Dublin, said he was going to be careful telling Wright's elementary school-aged sons what happened.

"Well, I'm just going to tell them justice was served. That's what I'm going to tell them. 'Cause I don't want my son to be having no more nightmares and stuff," Dublin said.

Allen's attorneys had argued that she shouldn't be executed, because she was a product of an abusive and drug-filled home. That's something family friend Dr. Besse Cooper Noble reiterated afterward.

"The child has never really truly had a life," Dr. Noble said.

But the prospect of execution didn't seem to faze Allen.

"May God have mercy on your soul," the judge said.

Allen will get an automatic appeal to the Supreme Court.

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