What to do about a cracked windshield

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So you cracked your windshield. Whether you did it in a fender bender or had a rock fly up from someone's tire and leave a chip, the glass is now damaged and you have to deal with it. We understand – it's frustrating! A lot of people stress over cracked or chipped windshields because they assume that it'll take time out of their day to repair, and that they're going to have to pay out of pocket to fix or replace it. Toyota of Clermont is here to set the record straight!

Don’t let a cracked windshield slow you down

First of all, did you know that under Florida state law, your car insurance company is required to repair or replace your car's cracked windshield free of charge? That's right – no deductible. And on top of that, some companies can even send a repairman straight to you to fix or replace your windshield, even at home or at your work. It's easy and doesn't have to be stressful and to make things even simpler, check out these three steps you should take after getting a cracked windshield.

Step 1: Assess the damage

How bad is the crack? You should pull off the road to assess the situation before you do anything else. If the crack has spiderwebbed out or is obstructing your field of vision at all, don't try to drive. Not only is it illegal to do so, it's also dangerous because you can't see where you're going AND your windshield is at danger of blowing in. In this case, call a tow truck instead and let our Clermont auto service techs take a look for you. If the crack or chip is small and you still have a clear field of vision, you're good to hit the road.

Step 2: Call your insurance company

Your next step should be to call your insurance company. If you’re not sure about the drivability of your car, they can help you decide. They can also get your claim started and help you start looking for repair or replacement solutions for your cracked windshield.

Step 3: Schedule repairs for your cracked windshield

Some people put off scheduling repairs for their cracked windshield, but you shouldn’t. It may seem like a small chip or crack now, but it can quickly grow larger and out of control and mean bigger problems for you. Plus, cracks and chips, as small as they may be, still damage the structural integrity of the glass and put you and your passengers at risk. Schedule repairs as soon as you can so you can hit the road safely.

Toyota of Clermont can help answer questions

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