• Toyota of Orlando offers auto service tips to keep your car running!


    Routine auto service is absolutely, positively essential if you want to ensure that your new Toyota in Orlando – or new Honda, or used car, or any vehicle for that matter – stays running in tip top shape. When you visit the Toyota of Orlando Service Center, our technicians will echo this sentiment. If you want to keep your car rolling, you’ve got to give it the tools it needs! 

    What does auto service in Orlando entail? 

    That’s why we’re so adamant about routine auto service in Orlando. We know that you know things like oil changes, tire pressure, and checking belts and hoses are essential checkups for your new Toyota… but that’s not all you should be keeping track of! Here are a few more tips on what you should be keeping tabs on when you bring your new Toyota in for routine auto service at our Toyota Service Center! 

    • Wiper blades: This is a forehead-smacker. They’re right in front of your face, but how often do you think to replace your windshield wiper blades? Chances are, not too often. However, it’s essential that you integrate this into regular service because old blades can crack, fall apart, and generally just become completely useless. This leads to limited visibility in the rain, which is one of the most dangerous times to hit the road! Have your new Toyota’s wiper blades replaced on a regular basis as needed! 
    • Your battery: Your battery is essential to getting things started – literally. Without a reliable battery, you’re bound to end up stuck in a parking lot with a dead vehicle. Make sure your new Toyota has a functioning and dependable battery in it, and have our trained Toyota technicians check it when you come in for auto service in Orlando. Replacement times vary based on a few different factors, but our technicians can let you know when you’re due for a battery swap! 
    • Your air conditioning: There’s no getting around this element of auto service in Central Florida… it’s WAY too hot. Make sure your air conditioning is fully functioning before sweltering weather hits – bring your new Toyota into Toyota of Orlando to be routinely checked by our technicians. They can add more refrigerant to keep things cool, or even recharge your system when necessary. We even offer air sanitizing services to keep things fresh and clean this summer! 
    • Your timing belt: Do you know what the timing belt in your new Toyota actually does? It keeps things in a smooth rhythm so all of your cars bells and whistles know exactly when they’re supposed to be doing their job. However, like any other belt it wears over time and will need to be replaced. Don’t risk your pistons and valves colliding and causing serious issues! Have your timing belt checked and replaced as necessary! 


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