4 auto repairs to schedule right away

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When it comes to auto repairs, some people put off scheduling them. We get it – getting repairs can mean a big bill and also your car is stuck in the shop when you need it to be out on the road. Some repairs can be delayed without too much issue; you can wait a few weeks while you figure out funds or find a car to rent or borrow. However, there are some auto repairs that shouldn’t be put off for any amount of time and Toyota of Orlando is here to tell you why.

Which auto repairs should you avoid putting off?

There are four big auto repairs that you don’t want to ignore because it can lead to more damage, a bigger bill, and a lot bigger of a headache. Check out these four service items you should schedule right away:
#1: Timing belt replacement

Your timing belt is an essential part of your car's engine. This also means it's costly to replace – it requires a lot of manual labor to get in there, remove the old one, and install a brand new one AND ensure it's working properly. However, you never want to delay this Orlando auto repair. If you hear clicking noises or notice that your car won't start or is misfiring, then you need to schedule an appointment ASAP. A worn out timing belt can break while you're driving and do serious and costly damage to your engine.

#2: Battery replacement

If you see your battery light come on in the dash, get into Toyota of Orlando as soon as you can. You could have a problem with your alternator, your battery, or both. If you choose to ignore that glowing light in the dash, it could mean a breakdown for you. You may be able to get a jump, but you may also get stuck paying for a tow truck to get your car where it needs to go. Have our techs replace your battery quickly and affordably as soon as possible.

Let Toyota of Orlando get you back on the road

#3: Faulty brakes
NEVER delay fixing faulty brakes – ever. If you ever feel like your brakes aren’t being responsive or working properly, pull over and call a tow truck. You should never try to drive a car with faulty brakes anywhere because your risk of an accident goes up exponentially. Additionally, if you notice anything off about your brakes – like squealing noises or shuddering when you brake – then you likely need new brake pads. Don’t delay this simple Orlando auto repair because if you do, you can do costly damage to your rotors.
#4: Engine overheating
You should also never drive an overheated car. You can do irreparable and expensive damage to your engine in a matter of minutes. Pull over, try adding coolant and letting the car cool for a while, and if nothing works then you need to call a tow and get to Toyota of Orlando.
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