5 driving safety tips for your summer

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Are you ready for summer? Summer means no school, beach trips, vacations, hitting the theme parks, and finding fun in the sun (just remember your sunscreen). However, as much fun as you’re planning for the upcoming season, you should also be adjusting your driving safety habits to accommodate the hotter temps and ensuring your car is ready with Orlando Toyota service. Toyota of Orlando is here with 5 tips to help you prep for summer and take on the season with safety and confidence!

What driving safety behaviors should you employ this summer?

Tip 1: Watch out for more teen drivers.
There are more teen drivers on the road during the summer because school is out, so they’re out and about more often. Unfortunately, summer also means a rise in reported teen traffic fatalities. Your best bet is to prep your new teen driver with lots of practice and a driver’s education course before you turn them loose. As a driver, be sure to engage in defensive driving safety skills and always pay attention to your surroundings so you can easily avoid accidents.
Tip 2: Be aware that there may be more traffic.
As noted, school is out during the summer and a lot of people choose this time of year to plan their family vacations (and Orlando is a popular option because of its proximity to the theme parks and the beaches). Be aware that roads may be busier and to save yourself the time and hassle, check your route BEFORE you leave so that you can take an alternate way if necessary. And be sure to engage in driving safety - don’t tailgate or weave in traffic.
Tip 3: Blowouts are more common, so be ready.
The pavement is exceptionally hot during the summer, which takes a toll on your tires, but to add to that the hot air inside of your tires causes them to expand. If your tires aren’t in good condition, you’re at risk of a blowout. Our Orlando Toyota service techs recommend having your tires inspected for PSI levels, general wear and tear, and tread depth before you take on summer.
Tip 4: Stay on top of maintenance to avoid overheating.
Summer is also prime time for your car to overheat - it’s hot outside, which means your car has to work harder at staying cool. Keeping up with routine Orlando car care like oil changes and fluid checks (especially coolant) will help ensure that you don’t face an overheated car this summer.
Tip 5: Know how to tow and haul.
Thinking about hauling bikes to the trails this summer, or pulling the boat or jet skis to the lake? Make sure your vehicle is ready for it before you hit the road. Part of driving safety is ensuring that your car can handle the weight and that you have the right equipment for the job. You’ll also want to brush up on your driving skills so you know how to properly tow and haul.

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