Long distance car buying for beginners

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Shopping for a new ride can be a slightly scary experience – we get it. This is especially true if you’re looking for something extremely specific and your car buying experience takes you out of state or even out of the country. However, sometimes this is a necessary step of you want a vehicle with specific modifications or an older model that’s no longer in production.

Car buying out of state: What you should know

Luckily, Toyota of Orlando is here to help. We know that car buying, especially when it’s long distance, can be nerve-wracking for some drivers and we’re here with tips to help you find the right ride no matter how far you have to go to get it. Check them out below!
Tip 1: Be thorough with research and questions.
When you buy a new car out of state or out of the country, there’s a chance you may have to buy it sight unseen. You won’t be able to actually see it in person unless you make the trip to where it is, and not everyone has the time or money to do that. You should pull a CarFax vehicle history report for the car and ask the owner for service and repair records, as well as any warranties they have on paper. On top of that, come up with a lengthy list of questions to ask the seller and request that they send you a walkaround video of the vehicle. Don’t be afraid to request close-up photos of any areas you’re unsure about, including under the hood.
Tip 2: Check state and national standards and laws.
The state and country that you live in have specific standards set for fuel, emissions, and safety equipment – and you have to abide by them. If you’re car buying in a different state or country, you need to make sure that the vehicle meets these standards. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to legally take it out on the road and you may have to spend more money to get it up to code. This is especially true when it comes to car buying on an international level.
Tip 3: Remember the shipping element.
How is your new ride going to get home? Some people consider flying out to get it and driving it home, but do you really want to put all those miles on your new vehicle? Our Orlando Toyota dealership recommends shipping your car, so do your research to find a reliable shipping company. And don’t forget to set aside a little bit of cash – sometimes cars undergo damage when they’re shipped and you’ll need to have repairs taken care of when it arrives.

Let Toyota of Orlando help you get the info you need

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