Toyota of Orlando shares 5 carpool tips

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Are you thinking about starting or joining a carpool? If so, then major props to you – it’s a great way to save money and time. You’ll cut fuel costs and also reduce wear and tear on your car, which means you won’t need maintenance and repairs as frequently. It also means less traffic out on the road, which is beneficial for everyone! Toyota of Orlando is here with 5 tips to ensure your experience is easy and stress-free!

First things first – let's talk safety. Before you even leave the parking spot you're in, you should make sure EVERYONE in your Orlando Toyota is buckled up and ready to ride safely. Rules are rules! If you're in the carpool, respect these rules and fasten your seatbelt.

Carpool tips to keep it simple

Tip 1: Make a schedule and contact list.
Before you get started, draw up a list with everyone’s name, address, phone number, and email. This will make it simpler to get in touch with everyone should there be any changes or emergencies. Make sure everyone in the carpool gets a copy! You should also draw up a schedule for the month so it’s extremely clear who’s driving when, and in what order people will be picked up.

Tip 2: Clean and maintenance your car before you join.

Before you take on the carpool, make sure your car is up to date on all repairs and routine maintenance. This means your tires are in good shape, your brakes work well, your oil tank is full of clean oil, your coolant is topped off, and your battery is charged up. You should also schedule an Orlando car detailing – a clean and organized car is much more enjoyable for you AND your passengers.
Tip 3: Be punctual and communicate.
Be on time, be on time, be ON TIME! When you’re late – whether you’re driving or a passenger – you make everyone else late, too. Don’t be selfish and be on time. If you’re running late, let the driver (or passengers, if you’re behind the wheel) know. If you’re a passenger who’s running significantly late, consider finding another way to get to your final destination!
Tip 4: Avoid making detours until after you’re done for the day.
Need to make a stop? Before you do, consider how it will affect everyone else in the carpool! It delays them from getting where they need to go and is annoying. Gas your car up before you pick everyone up and leave the errands until you’ve dropped everyone off.
Tip 5: Be polite!
Be polite and follow basic etiquette. Don’t play loud music or videos, don’t talk to passengers who aren’t in the mood to talk, and don’t spill food or drink in the vehicle. Just use common courtesy as your guide!

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