• Toyota of Orlando's tips: What to do after a car accident!


    Have you ever gotten into a car accident? If you have, you know just how scary and stressful the entire situation can be, even after the fact. However, Toyota of Orlando is here to help! Our Toyota Collision Center has compiled an extremely helpful list of steps that you should take after an accident, no matter how minor. Print it out and keep it in your glovebox to help you keep a cool head should you face an car accident, and remember – you can always bring your car to us afterwards for affordable and efficient auto repairs in Orlando

    Our Orlando Toyota Collision Center can help you prep for the worst

    Before you even get behind the wheel, there’s a step you can take and our Orlando Toyota Collision Center highly recommends that you do. You can make an “accident kit” – it’ll hold supplies like pens and paper, a disposable camera, contact and insurance information, a flashlight, and even a small first aid kit so if an accident should occur, you’re prepared and not scrambling around for supplies! You can even add elements like flares or a document listing any medical conditions you might have for peace of mind. 

    • However, let’s say the worst happens and you do find yourself in an accident. Our Toyota Collision Center recommends that you first try to move the car to the side of the road if the damage is minimal enough – you want to get out of the way of traffic so no one gets hurt. If you’re car requires too extensive of auto repairs to be moved, then stay inside of it so you’re not standing near oncoming traffic, especially if visibility is poor! 
    • After you’ve done that, be sure to contact the proper emergency personnel like the police and EMTs if anyone has injuries. Make sure everyone is alright and never try to move someone who’s been injured! 
    • The next step our Orlando Toyota Collision Center recommends taking is to document and swap info. Write everything down – including what happened in the accident – and take pictures of the damage. You should trade contact and insurance information with the other driver, as well as vehicle info. Try to also get contact info from any witnesses, and be sure to file an accident report. Even if law enforcement doesn’t come to the scene, you can file one online at your local DMV website for documentation purposes. 

    Schedule your auto repairs with us after an accident! 

    • Finally, contact your insurance company to let them know and have everything on record, and bring your car into our Toyota Collision Center for affordable auto repairs. We’re dedicated to getting you back on the road as soon as possible, and with the least amount of damage to your wallet! 

    If you’ve been in a car accident and need a trustworthy technician to tackle those auto repairs, contact our Orlando Toyota Collision Center today to make an appointment! We service all makes and models, and we’ll work to get your repairs done as efficiently as possible. Give us a call at (866) 637-2430!

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