• Travel safe with pets in your Orlando Toyota!


    Whenever you hit the road with pets in tow, it can be a little more challenging than just traveling with human companions! There are a lot of things to consider before you bring your pet along, and Toyota of Orlando is here to help you make your list and check it twice. It’s not as simple as just loading them into the backseat and hitting the highway – there are a lot of safety precautions to think about when it comes to your four-legged friends! 

    How should you prep your new Toyota in Orlando to travel with pets? 

    The first thing to think about is whether or not you’re going to crate or cage your animals while they’re in your new Toyota in Orlando. It may seem like a good idea to let them roam the backseat, but it’s not! A dog can turn into a deadly projectile if you get into an accident, and they can be severely injured if they’re not restrained. Plus, having them wander around your new Toyota freely can distract you from the task at hand. Consider buying a travel crate or cage to secure them!

    If you’re not interested in caging your pets in your new Toyota, then you may want to think about investing in pet harnesses or restraints. You can easily buy them online – it’s like strapping a seatbelt around your pet! You make your human passengers wear seatbelts when you’re in your Orlando Toyota, right? Why make an exception for your pet? It’ll keep them secure, you focused, and keep them safe in the event of an accident! 


    What should you pack in your new Toyota in Central Florida? 

    There are also several things you need to think about before you even hit the road in terms of supplies! You should make sure you include the following things when you pack up your new Toyota in Orlando: 

    • Leashes
    • Bowls for food and water
    • Plenty of fresh water for your pet to drink
    • Treats and toys to keep them occupied
    • Blankets
    • A cover for the floor and seats if you’re worried about accidents
    • Bags to pick up dog waste when you stop

    Also, be sure to drive your new Toyota in Central Florida with your pet in mind! Be sure to stop often to let them have bathroom breaks and stretch their legs, and you may not want to feed them a full meal while you’re on the road – you never know if it will upset their stomach. Wait until you’ve stopped for the day. 

    Also, remember NEVER to leave your pets unattended in your new Toyota. It may seem like a nice day out, but the temperature inside your car can rise to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes, causing severe injury and even death. The humidity only exacerbates these risks, and you face similar problems when the temperatures drop low in the cold weather! 

    Have more questions about how to deal with your pets when it comes to your Toyota? Give our Orlando Toyota dealership a ring at (888) 725-3520. Our sales specialists will be happy to share tips with you! 

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