Building a comprehensive roadside emergency kit with Toyota of Orlando

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When you’re out on the road, you want your drive time to be as safe and efficient as possible. The best way to make it happen? To be ready for anything! That’s why we recommend that our drivers always carry a roadside emergency kit in their can and keep it well-stocked so they can take on whatever life may send their way when they’re behind the wheel.

Let us help you build the perfect roadside emergency kit

Sure, you can buy these kits online… but oftentimes they won’t include everything you need to handle emergencies with as little stress as possible. Often it’s more practical and affordable to simply build your own roadside emergency kit over time, and that’s where our Orlando Toyota service team comes in. Check out their recommendations for a comprehensive roadside emergency kit and everything you’ll want to include in it.
  • A spare tire (that you regularly check for inflation levels and overall condition), a lug wrench for the lug nuts, and a jack
  • A can of Fix-A-Flat as a backup (be sure to get the non-explosive kind)
  • A portable air pump to reinflate tires that are low
  • A towing strap or rope to remove yourself from tricky situations
  • A car escape tool - this consists of a window breaker and seatbelt cutter, and you should keep it in your center console for easy access
  • A set of quality jumper cables and a portable battery charger
  • Extra oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid
  • Spare fuses and light bulbs in case anything burns out
  • Roadside reflective signs so other drivers can be made aware of your car's presence when you're pulled over
  • A flashlight with an extra set of batteries
  • Duct tape
  • A small tool kit or a multi-purpose tool
  • Towels, paper towels, or baby wipes for cleanup
  • A basic first aid kit for minor emergencies
  • A compass and a paper map in case you can't get your navigation to work
  • A phone charger so your devices never run out of juice
  • An umbrella or poncho for rainy conditions
  • Bottled water and snacks that are imperishable, like nuts, granola, jerky, etc.
And don’t forget seasonal gear for your roadside emergency kit. If you live in an area that sees snow or ice, our Orlando auto service techs recommend including items like an ice scraper for your windshield, extra blankets, a spare hat and set of gloves, a small shovel, and kitty litter (in case you lose traction).

Shop Toyota of Orlando for all of your supply needs

Think you need a little assistance building your roadside emergency kit? Let Toyota of Orlando help! Our parts store is fully stocked with supplies and our service experts are ready and able to help you pull everything together. Swing by and see us to start your shopping. Our Orlando Toyota dealership is conveniently located at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.