Is your vehicle low on transmission fluid?

transmission fluid

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Transmission fluid is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping your car in motion. After all, the transmission is the part of your vehicle that sends power from the engine to the wheels, allowing it to move in the first place. It also shifts your car through different gears, allowing you to speed up and slow down accordingly.

Why is transmission fluid important?

Transmission fluid is in charge of two things – keeping your transmission system lubricated so all of the parts can move effortlessly, and also keeping things cool under the hood. If the fluid gets contaminated by dirt and debris or fluid levels get too low, you run a big risk of doing damage to your car’s transmission and subsequently, its performance. It could range anywhere from a subpar performance to your car not being able to move – at all. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your transmission fluid.
How do you know if there’s an issue with this very vital fluid? Check out these four signs our Orlando Toyota service techs warned us about:
1) You aren’t able to change or shift gears.

Your car shifts gears to speed up and slow down, regardless of whether it's a manual or an automatic. If you find that suddenly it's unable to shift, you might be out of transmission fluid. You can add some more to the reservoir to see if you can get things moving again, but we highly recommend bringing your car to Toyota of Orlando's service center to have our techs check your transmission out.

2) Your car has a slight delay when it’s time to engage a gear.
If you’re shifting into park or drive and you feel like your car delays for a few seconds, you have a problem with your fluid. The delay may only last 2-3 seconds but it’s not normal and you should seek Orlando auto service before bigger problems arise.
3) Your transmission is slipping.

When your transmission is slipping, you'll feel it start to shift into the next gear (especially when accelerating) but then suddenly, it slips back into the gear it was initially in.  It just can't quite make it into the next gear. You might also notice choppiness when the car does finally shift, spiking RPMs before you shift, and weird noises coming from the engine bay when you shift. This is a serious problem, so let our techs take a peek under the hood.

Let Toyota of Orlando check things out under the hood

4) Your shift timing is off.
If you feel like your shifts are coming too soon or too late, then you likely have an issue with your transmission fluid. Our techs can check your levels and also look for leaks or any other issues that may be throwing the timing off.
Need transmission service today? Call Toyota of Orlando – we’re open seven days a week at (407) 298-0001!