Find out how cold weather affects your car from our auto service techs

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Do you know how the cold weather affects your car?
The thought may have never crossed your mind, especially if you’re a Floridian – we don’t see harsh winter weather here and definitely don’t have to deal with driving in snow. However, if your holiday travels are taking you out of state and into real winter weather, you have to consider how the cold is going to affect your car! Our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs are here to give you all the info you need BEFORE you hit the highway.

How can you prep your car for cold weather with auto service?

#1: Battery
If your battery isn’t in the best shape, then cold weather can take a big toll on it. The cold can impair its starting ability which means you’ll be stuck with a dead car – a major inconvenience, especially in the cold. Have our Orlando auto service techs check things out for you to ensure your battery can handle whatever mother nature throws its way.
#2: Fluids
Cold weather can cause fluids in your car to thicken. This is problematic because the fluids are supposed to be flowing through your engine to ensure everything runs efficiently and smoothly. If they’re too thick because of cold weather, they can’t do their job. Our auto service techs can check your fluids to ensure they’re full and ready to take on the cold.
#3: Corrosion
You may not know it, but icy and snowy roads are actually treated with salt. When you drive on the roads the salt is flicked up onto your vehicle and if it isn’t rinsed off, it can cause corrosion on your car’s undercarriage, brakes, and paint. Our Orlando auto service techs recommend washing your car once a week (at least) during harsh winter weather to keep the salt from damaging it.
#4: Leaks
Extreme cold – and fluctuations in temperature – can take a toll on your Orlando Toyota, particularly when it comes to seals and hoses. This can cause leaks in your vehicle, which leads to fluid loss. If you notice a leak in your vehicle, have our Toyota service techs check it out and repair it for you. We can also conduct a free multi-point inspection of your car to spot any other leaks that may be about to spring.
#5: Tires
Cold air means denser air, which means your tire pressure can drop. When your tires don’t have enough pressure, you run the risk of having a blowout and ruining your fuel efficiency.  You’ll also wear your tires down faster as more of their surface area is touching the road.

Let Toyota of Orlando help you face the cold this winter

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