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9 things we love about high school football in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — Sprits are high around Central Florida with the return of high school football.

The All-American sport shows how hard work, determination and teamwork can build character and open the door to better opportunities now and in the future.

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Here are 9 reasons we love the return of high school football:

1 – Family and friends united: Family should always come first. Be it cheering on the little one the first time he takes the field, or celebrating a senior for breaking a long-standing school record, football would be nothing without the people who support it.

2 – Electricity in the air: There’s an invisible energy that can only be described as excitement when players take the field. It doesn’t have to be the final play of the season with everything on the line to feel impactful.

3 – School and community pride: These are our schools and represent our community. Cheerleaders getting people on their feet to support their local athletes is a uniting force that cannot be measured.

4 – The beat goes on: Marching bands and high school football teams have worked together to represent their schools for decades. Though not all schools will be allowing bands at the games, this year will see socially distant student musicians on the sidelines in some districts.

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5 – All-star moments: They can’t all make the 30-second highlight reel, but every game is filled with pulse-pounding moments if you pay attention. The kid who scores the touchdown could not have scored if not for his teammates clearing a path to the goal line.

6 – Florida is football country: It’s no secret that in many southern states, including Florida, football is more than just a game - it’s a way of life. Many schools in Central Florida pride themselves on producing some of the best athletes and young men in society.

7 – Just like the good ol' days: So much has changed with the coronavirus turning the world upside down this year. The return of high school football helps people feel a return to normalcy that is desperately needed in people’s lives. Many things have changed, but so much has also remained the same.

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8 – Did someone say popcorn?: Not only is high school football a great excuse to grab some snack foods while watching from the bleachers, but the money raised also goes to support the team and the school.

9 - Lesson learned: Sports teach a valuable lesson that can be difficult for some young children to understand. It’s only through hard work and determination that a person can attain a better life for themself and others.

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