15 Disney guests treated after bus crash in Epcot auto plaza, officials say

Fifteen Disney guests were taken to the hospital Tuesday after a bus crash in the Epcot auto plaza, the Reedy Creek Fire Department said.
The Florida Highway Patrol said there were 51 people total on the buses at the time of the crash, which happened at about 10 a.m. 
A Disney spokesperson told Channel 9's Lauren Seabrook that there is nothing more important than the safety of guests and cast members, and that they are currently focused on the well-being of those involved.
FHP said Jacob Buettner, 21, was driving the bus when he crased into the bus in front of him. 
Troopers said Buettner did not slow down for the bus, which was stopped at the Epcot toll booth. 
The 15 patients suffered minor injuries, FHP said. 
Troopers said those that were hurt were in the front rows of the bus. 
“Any sort of impact while standing up would probably cause some injury,” said visitor Derek Hendrix. 
Hendrix and said several people were standing on the bus he took and wonders if that’s what caused so many injuries.
“You probably would fall forward,” said visitor Megean Demos. 
Nine ambulances were used to take patients to the hospital. 
No other details were release


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