Alligators' mating season: Best times for their outings, how they learn habits

You’ve probably heard the common saying by Floridians, “You can expect an alligator in every pond in Florida.” If you haven’t, well, this saying becomes a reality during this season. Alligators are in mating season, so their sightings are more common.
Certified meteorologist George Waldenberger went to Lake Front Park in St. Cloud to meet up Sam Haught, an alligator expert at Wild Florida. Haught explained that alligators are most active during the evening and early morning hours, specifically around sunrise.

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Many people go for their morning run around lakes or ponds; many go to walk their dogs. Alligators learn humans’ habits, so it is second nature that if they see your dog around the area one morning, it will likely be in the same spot, waiting, the next few mornings. The issues come when these alligators become hungry.
Alligators’ mating season runs through the summer and they appear everywhere, regardless of whether or not the area is busy.
Smaller alligators tend to come closer to the shoreline, but a smaller alligator can be 4 feet long. Once they grow out their pond, they move to another bigger pond, doing so by traveling through the culverts or by simply crossing the streets.
It goes without saying, do not try to come close to alligators, be aware of your surroundings, especially around this time of the year when alligators are looking to mate. It is safe to assume that there is always a dangerous creature in all ponds, regardless of size, in Florida.

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