• Chilly weather across Central Florida -- and this is just the beginning

    By: Irene Sans , George Waldenberger , James Tutten , Rusty McCranie


    ORLANDO, Fla. - From 80 degrees Saturday to the 30s Monday morning, some of the coldest weather of the season moved into Central Florida. 

    "For parts of Central Florida, it will be the coldest start of the season, and despite the sunshine today, it’s going to stay chilly with a high near 60," certified meteorologist Rusty McCranie said. 

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    The winds were howling Sunday, gusting near 40 mph at times. The winds were gradually shifting out of the northwest, bringing in cold air from the north. 

    While the winds weakened somewhat Sunday night, the skies were clear and the temperatures dropped.

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    Early Monday morning, the temperature hit 38 degrees in Orlando, with Marion County even colder at 32 degrees, along with a freeze warning. 

    Central Florida will reach 80 degrees by the middle of the week, but it won't last long. By Thursday, it will start cooling off again across Central Florida. 

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