Higher than normal tides expected along East Florida Coast through the weekend

High tides above 4.2 feet could cause coastal flooding and erosion

Higher than normal tides expected along East Florida Coast through the weekend

Strong winds and extra high tides (king tides) causing flooding and road closures in Cocoa. 

The hyperactive wet weather pattern will not only bring the risk of flooding for inland locations, but the coastal regions will also have flooding due to higher than normal tide cycles through the weekend.

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The moon is entering its full moon phase. A full moon happens on June 5th at 3:12 p.m. During this time it will also be in its closest orbit to Earth, perigee. During this time, low tides are also expected to be lower than normal.

Expect the tides to be above 4 feet, at some points along the east coast of Florida around 5 feet. On average the high tide is about 3 feet.

Sea level rise is also contributing to higher than normal tides. The mean sea level is typically higher in the summer due to changing weather patterns and increasing water temperatures.

This higher than normal tides could produce minor flooding along the coast and coastal erosion may occur.


The strong high pressure over the Atlantic is loosening and the winds will be coming in from the south-southeast through the weekend. If the winds were from the east, more water would be pushed onshore.


Cristobal is expected to take a turn northward and likely make landfall in Louisiana late on Sunday or early Monday. This system is very messy and broad, expect some of its rain bands to reach Central Florida. Cristobal will also continue pulling lots of tropical moisture over a channel traveling over the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. All this instability will continue to aid the development of heavy rains and embedded thunderstorms.

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