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Sinkhole forms in The Villages during Hurricane Irma

THE VILLAGES, Fla. — Four homes were evacuated after a sinkhole opened up in The Villages Monday during Hurricane Irma.

John Susko lives in one of the Arbordale homes bordering the sinkhole.

"It's about 8 feet deep under my home," he said. "I walked away from there, went in the house, sat down. My neighbor was walking by, saw the hole, ran to my door and said, 'You've got a sinkhole.'"

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Susko's sinkhole isn't the only one on the block.

Channel 9's Myrt Price counted at least three sinkholes, including one that was 20 feet deep.

"All the stone walls caved in with it, all down in the bottom of the pit there," Susko said.

Authorities said if that sinkhole continues to widen, there could be more evacuations later in the week.

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