9 facts about Lake Nona: An innovative community

9 facts about Lake Nona: An innovative community
Lake Nona is a community in Orlando driven by a long-term vision of building an innovative community.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Below are some interesting facts about Lake Nona, according to the community’s website, lakenona.com:

1. The community focuses on sustainable design, healthy living and groundbreaking gigabit fiber optic technology.
2. The USTA’s New Home of American Tennis resides in Lake Nona. It’s the largest tennis facility in the world.
3. Lake Nona is home to “Medical City,” and to some of the nation’s leading hospitals, universities, research institutions and health and life sciences companies.
4. The community has 40% preserved green space. There are 4 miles of trails crisscrossing the community.
5. Lake Nona has the region’s first autonomous shuttles, called “Beep.” (Read article here)
6. Lake Nona Nights: Weekly, monthly, quarterly events with live music, local produce, food trucks and family-friendly films at the Crescent Cinema.
7. Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin created “Glass House,” which is described on the community’s website as, a ”Kaleidoscope of reclaimed materials.  
8. Boxi Park is a creative entertainment district made of old shipping containers.
9. The Beacon" is a six-story landmark that comes to life at night with a visual experience of video, music and interactive elements. Alongside stands "Code Wall," an installation of specialized dichroic glass with imagery and messages written in binary code.