• 8 Injured After Lightning Strike At Discovery Cove

    ORLANDO, Fla. - All eight people injured after a lightning strike at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove are out of the hospital on Wednesday.

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    A storm blew over around 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday and lightning struck inside the theme park. Three park guests and five employees had to be transported, but emergency crews said they didn't think anyone took a direct lightning strike.

    The eight people were transported to Dr. Phillips Hospital as a precaution, but have all since been released.

    Even some guests who didn't feel the shock told WFTV that it was one of the scariest experiences of their lives.

    "I've never been scared by lightning until today, because it was right above us, really, really scary," said one park guest.

    Guests at the park said they were warned severe weather was on the way.

    "They told us to clear the pool, so we came out of the pool, and were sheltering underneath, then there's a huge crack," said Peter Mcentee.

    WFTV learned the three guests were near the Laguna patio, and the five employees were near the Adventure photo area.

    Guests leaving the park said they thought lightning struck some of the equipment.

    "A fuse box got hit, there were speakers around, there was a loud crackling on the speakers," one guest told WFTV.

    "I feel kind of lucky, I didn't get hit," said Mcentee.

    One guest said they knew Florida was sometimes referred to as the lightning strike capital of the U.S., but they never expected anything like this on their family vacation.

    The names of the victims have not been released.

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