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Action 9: Homeowners feel taken by dock builder

A Satellite Beach couple claim the contractor they hired to build a river dock left them with a $45,000 mess. And they're not the only homeowners who blame the same contractor for backyard nightmares.
Action 9's Todd Ulrich got answers from the contractor and found out what local investigators are doing.
The dock and seawall are almost done nearly a year after Joe and Mary Hibbard signed a contract and paid $53,000 then fired the contractor.
“He tells you anything you want to hear, gives you a great price on the project then walks away with your money,” said Hibbard.
Troy Raia owns American Docks LLC.
Hibbard said materials they paid for disappeared and the construction was extremely slow. He also said he had big problems with what had been done.
“They’re all supposed to be bolted in and they're not bolted in,” said Hibbard. 
He discovered Raia is not a licensed contractor and that he used another company's license to qualify the job.
Hibbard asked construction experts to check out the work. 
“They just shake their head in dismay and say that guy Troy left me in a big mess,” said Hibbard. 
He hired another company to finish the dock and fix what was wrong. That cost nearly $45,000.
“I want my money back,” said Hibbard.
It's not just Hibbard’s dock. Ulrich checked state and local records, and other homeowners claim the same contractor cost them thousands.
State regulators are investigating American Docks for one case of unlicensed contracting.
Brevard County Licensing told Ulrich it has 23 complaints against the company.
American Docks business address is a home in Palm Bay.
“I'm here for Troy,” Ulrich told Raia’s wife, who had been a company officer.
“Well, he's at work,” she responded.
“They say they’re out $45,000 because he never finished the dock,” Ulrich said, referring to the Hibbards.
“He did all the work he was contracted to do,” she replied.
“Homeowners feel they've lost thousands because of this company,” said Ulrich.  
She said, “He's paying customers back who felt they did not want to wait.” 
“I don't want him to do this to anybody else,” said Hibbard.
Troy Raia did not return Ulrich’s calls.
Brevard County license regulation managers told Ulrich they checked out Hibbard’s complaint then sent it to law enforcement officials for a criminal investigation.
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