• Action 9 investigates pool contractor


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Several homeowners turned to Action 9 claiming they paid the same company for a new pool, but it would not finish the job.


    One family paid nearly $40,000 and months later they only had a concrete shell in the backyard.


    Consumer investigator Todd Ulrich uncovered dozens of complaints, got results, and tells us how to avoid this kind of mess.


    “This is going to be a really huge step,” Lori Parris said as she demonstrated the poor workmanship in her pool.


    Nearly a year after Parris signed a contract and paid $38,000, her new pool is a dry concrete shell.


    It doesn't go away. You wake up in the morning. It's in your face, and on your mind,” Parris said.


    Parris and her husband hired All in One Pools two years ago. Zoning issues delayed the project for a year. They blame the contractor for the mess that followed.


    When things started going south, they ghosted, they just disappeared,” Parris said.


    She said the pool was dug too deep, so the steps and ledges are barely usable, and don't follow the contract blueprints.


    We want it fixed, and we would like the pool finished in a timely manner,” Parris said.


    In just the past year, six other families contacted Action 9 with similar complaints.


    At the Better Business Bureau, the pool contractor has an F rating.


    The bureau has at least 19 complaints. Many customers claim the contractor has most of their money, but they can't get their pool finished.


    In some cases, the delays dragged on for months.


    “When a company just fails to be responsive at all and chooses not to answer complaints, that’s certainly a troubling pattern,” said BBB President Holly Salmons.


    Ulrich went to the company's Merritt Island office. No one opened the door. The office was closed on a weekday afternoon.


    Action 9 sent managers letters about five upset customers and the company finished their pools.


    The day Ulrich was supposed to interview Kerri Miles, she cancelled, telling Ulrich that after she contacted Channel 9, All in One Pools just showed up to finish the job.


    After Ulrich called the contractor, workers showed up at Parris’ home and have been working on the pool. She’s very pleased with its response.


    An All in One Pools manager told Action 9, the company is working to reduce construction delays.


    Experts recommend consumers consider adding a completion date to major renovation contracts, to give the consumer some leverage.


    All In One Pools response:


    We build many jobs and have lots of very satisfied customers, but it is never pleasant to hear that we have an unhappy Customer. We take their complaints seriously while working to correct the issues. All In One Pools stance for the last 20 years is that we complete every job with quality construction and are dedicated to reducing construction delays while improving customer communication and satisfaction.

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